At Active Health Group (AHG), we work according to our vision ‘health is a value’. Thanks to healthy employees, your organisation can realise its goals, and good health will allow individual employees to develop. Our contemporary form of absenteeism control combines durable employability (DZI), claims reduction and good working circumstances, by increasing awareness and directing behaviour. And the more specifically this takes place within the organisation, the more effective it is.

Focus on possibilities and behavioural change

Based our focus on health, possibilities and intrinsic motivation, we have developed an effective approach for self-direction, empowerment and behavioural change of the individual, in the course of prevention, curative treatment and reintegration. Experience has shown, that once we get to work with this practical and comprehensive approach within an organisation, absenteeism is reduced by 30%.

Customised service

Every organisation is unique. That is why our occupational health and safety service starts with an organisation diagnosis [internal link to 3.2 Organisation diagnosis absenteeism]. The next step is the targeted deployment of professionals and services that you organisation may need. A few examples are:

Free vitality contract

Health is a value. Thanks to vital employees, your organisation can realise its objectives, and good health enables individuals to develop and take part in society. That is why the vitality contract is a free component of our occupational health and safety service.

The vitality contract consists of access to:

  • The services of coaches focused on preventive health promotion
  • An online lifestyle test

Aside from that, various incentives and nudges have been integrated in our basic service, which supports the increased awareness of the individual regarding their own control of their health, happiness and employability, on organisation-level.

Active Healthy Total Concept

For organisations that want to take the next step by implementing health into all company processes in a remunerative way, we are offering the Active Healthy Total Concept (AHTC). This includes a scope of separate or comprehensive modules to drive health and durable employability, result-focused for individuals and preventively for organisations. A few examples of these modules are:

Noncommittal advice

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