Health and safety services

Health and safety services

Active Health Group (AHG) works from the vision ‘health is a value, absenteeism is a choice’. Your organization can achieve its goals because of healthy employees and health enables your employees to develop themselves. This modern way of absenteeism management combines sustainable employability (Dutch = DZI), burden of claims reduction and good labour conditions by increasing the awareness and by managing behaviour. The more specific this done within an organization the more effective.

Focus on possibilities and behavioural change

Based on our focus on health, possibilities and intrinsic motivation we have developed an effective method that concentrates on self-guidance, empowerment and behavioural change of the individual in terms of prevention, curation and reintegration. Experience shows that our practical, integral approach reduces absenteeism in organizations by 30%.

Tailor made service

Every organization is unique. That is why our health and safety services start with an organization diagnosis.

After that we deploy absenteeism professionals and services as required by your organization for example:

Regarding the last item: this can be the financing of the WGA risk. When your employee is declared incapacitated after two years, as employer you are responsible for the WGA allowance for ten years, unless you are insured.

Vitality contract is free

Health is a value. Your organization can achieve its goals because of healthy employees and health enables individuals to develop  themselves and take part in society. That is why include our vitality contract for free in our basic Arbo Active service.

The vitality contract provides access to:

  • An e-course ‘Go to work with your lifestyle’ inclusive of a check-up and action plan.
  • Services of coaches concerning preventive health promotion.
  • An online lifestyle magazine

We have also included several stimuli and nudges into our basic services to stimulate the individual’s awareness of taking control of health, luck and employability within the entire organization.

Active Healthy Total Concept

To organizations that want to take a next step in implementing health into all company processes in a cost effective way, we offer the Active Healthy Total Concept (AHTC). This consists of a range of choices of loose or integral modules to effectively manage health and sustainable employability on an individual and organizational level. Examples of those modules are:

Preventive Medical Check Plus, additional modules focusing on specific goals.

  • Employability scan /coaching
  • Preventive medical check
  • Business intelligence and organisational advice
  • Risk inventory & Evaluation
  • Trainings, courses, workshops and e-learning.

More information

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