Employability scan


Every person will be confronted with the challenges of (working) life to some extent. This can relate to one significant event, but also to a combination of factors. An employee’s own behaviour – the way in which he or she deals with the given situation – can influence the employee’s health, employability and productivity.

If any psychosocial factors negatively influence work performance, the employability coach will be called on to coach the employees and/or managers from an integral view on people. This approach is applicable for, for example, employees who are absent from work (Gatekeeper Improvement Act), as a preventive intervention in the context of personal development or for coaching managers on employability issues.

Awareness and new behaviour

A person’s coping style – the way they deal with various types of external and/or internal stressors – partly determines their risk of absenteeism. By using the employability scan, an overall picture of the employee’s current situation is created in a scientifically validated way by measuring thirteen scales over five domains.

These domains are:

  • Support work and private life (including job satisfaction).
  • Stressors work and private life.
  • Personal characteristics, such as perfectionism.
  • Complaints.
  • Experienced limitations.

Before one can work towards a solution, it is essential for the employee to be aware of their own situation. That is why all the above mentioned areas will be discussed during the interview. It is then discussed how the employee has acted in the given situation so far and whether this leads to the desired result. This activates the employee’s awareness of the relationship between limiting factors, his behaviour and the situation that has arisen. In this phase, the employee is also informed on the shared responsibility of employee and employer to achieve a healthy working relationship and sustainable employability.

The employability coach is independent and unbiased in this process. This means that the employee develops his own insights and learns that he can choose to deal with the situation differently. As soon as the employee is aware of his situation, new effective behaviour is examined. Taking the lead on managing their health and employability is central to this.


The employability scan includes:

  • Scientifically validated employability analysis.
  • A coaching session consisting of: (1) A conversation about the employability analysis and an in-depth interview with the employee about the identified areas of attention. (2) Practical tips and tools to start and continue to self-manage health and employability.
  • Feedback to the employee, including a summary of the interview. In this feedback, desired interventions are included that match the needs of the employee, with the aim of sustainable employability, absenteeism management and improved productivity.           
  • If an occupational health doctor is involved, he or she will receive the same feedback (after consent of the employee).

For whom

Examples of situations in which the employability scan is used:

  • The employee is also an informal caregiver and is unable to combine the care task with their job.
  • The company (the context) is changing or has changed, but the employee cannot or does not want to follow these changes.
  • The employee experiences the work pressure as too high (or too low).
  • The employee experiences private problems, such as debt/divorce, which makes it difficult for them to do their work properly.
  • The manager experiences a conflict with an employee or colleague(s).
  • The manager wants to effectively support an employee who has difficulty setting their boundaries.
  • The employee and manager are looking for ways to improve the employee’s employability.

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