Resilience coaching


Resilient employees are able to deal effectively with stress, changes, problems and challenges. They do not lapse into inaction, resistance or complaining, but come up with solutions for matters they can influence, believe in their own ability to adapt their behaviour, do what is necessary to be sustainably employable and are future-oriented. Every employee can increase his employability by improving his resilience quotient (RQ). It is about achieving an optimal balance across four axes: intellectual (IQ), emotional (EQ), physical (PQ) and spiritual/finding meaning (SQ) (see image).

Our working method

All employees face difficulties to some extent as a result of pressure they experience to meet all demands at work and at home and to perform in all areas of their lives. They encounter limits within themselves and/or their environment, and as a result, their body and mind often start to give signals like pain, fatigue, a short temper, negative thoughts, emotion eating, isolation etc.

In the resilience module, the employee receives short-term 1:1 guidance from a professional coach to increase their resilience. The coach helps the employee to discover what the signals mean and where the boundaries are that may have to be shifted. The employee will also learn what their strengths, passions and talents are. This combination of insight into the present and a new, appealing image of the future, leads to a strong intrinsic motivation to actually change behaviour.

This behavioural change must take place integrally across all four axes – IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ – in order to result in a sustainable increase in resilience. That is why, in the coaching sessions, attention will be paid to the six dimensions of life – job satisfaction, stress reduction, social relationships, exercise, nutrition, finding meaning/spirituality – that are scientifically proven to be essential for our health and employability.


The resilience module has a duration of two months, and includes:

  • Five conversations with the employee (customised to the individual).
  • General feedback to the employer at the end of the module.

Resilience coaching is effective for both prevention and reintegration.

More information

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