Mindfulness & Compassion


Mindfulness results in better mental and physical health and improved daily functioning. Compassion has a positive influence on our motivation and behaviour. It helps us to deal with the challenges of life and to have a healthier lifestyle.

This Mindfulness & Compassion training is specially developed for application in occupational health with Dr. David Dewulf. He is an authority in the field of mindfulness & compassion and author of, among others, the bestseller ‘Heartful living, Mindful working. Balance in your life in 7 steps’. The scientifically based training is characterized by the combination of knowledge about the positive effects of mindfulness and compassion on our health and employability with practical tools to strengthen the resilience of employees.


The training consists of a 2-day module mindfulness and a 2-day module compassion. Themes that are discussed are:

  • Attention & the nature of the brain.
  • The brain & the capacity for happiness.
  • Emotions, the emotion regulation systems and their importance for our well-being.
  • Vulnerability and needs as strength.
  • Pain and suffering relief.
  • Self-care and well-being.
  • The inner critic: advantages and disadvantages.
  • The voice of compassion, the voice of ‘non-violent motivation’.
  • The 4 quadrants of living fully and healthily.


After this training you have

  • Scientifically based theoretical and experiential knowledge of mindfulness and compassion.
  • Essential skills, tools and tips to integrate mindfulness and compassion in individual work with people.
  • A syllabus and 15 audio downloads.

For whom

Participants are HR, managers and occupational health and safety professionals who are interested in a practical, integrated approach to health promotion and from their role deal with people with symptoms such as stress, chronic pain, burnout, anxiety and depression and / or stress-related problems such as migraine, sleep disorders, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Practical information

  • Participants:    12 – 18 persons
  • Date:           upon request
  • Duration:   2×2 days from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs
  • Location:    upon request

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