Taking charge of your health – working on your lifestyle


The workshop ‘Mastering your health’ is designed to make employees aware of their own health and to give them the opportunity to act accordingly. During this short, practical meeting, participants are interactively made aware, inspired, challenged and informed about the influence of their lifestyle on their perceived vitality.


Central to the workshop are the six lifestyle areas which have been scientifically proven to influence each other and our vitality: nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, job satisfaction, social relationships and sense of purpose (see illustration).

The workshop opens with awareness (knowing). However, knowing does not mean wanting, and wanting does not automatically mean doing. Therefore, participants are then challenged to explore their intrinsic motivation together. After which they formulate one or more specific, achievable steps for themselves to feel more vital, at work and at home. This is the first step towards structural behavioural change with the aim of a healthier, happier and more vital life, in which you are more employable in the long term.


After this training you have a basic understanding of:

  • How the six lifestyle areas influence each other and our vitality.
  • What motivates you and what stops you from changing your behaviour.
  • What you can do in one or more lifestyle areas to experience more vitality.

For whom

Participants are employees from all parts of the organisation.

Practical information

  • Participants:    10 – 20 persons
  • Date:           upon request
  • Duration:   2 hours
  • Location:    upon request

Non-binding advice

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