Vitality and employability interviews


Many people find it difficult to talk to their employees or colleagues about their vitality, lifestyle and (sustainable) employability because it affects someone’s private life. Learn in this interactive training how to discuss these topics in an effective way.


The unique aspect of this training course is the link between conversation skills and the content of what you want to say, are allowed to say and can say about someone’s vitality and lifestyle in the light of their sustainable employability. Participants improve their conversation skills by role-playing with a training actor in situations that suit the needs of your Organization. Depending on the level of the participants, different techniques are used. By learning by doing, participants gain insight into their own communicative behaviour and the effect it has on others.


After this training the participants have:

  • Insight into the underlying principles and techniques of effective vitality and employability interviewing.
  • Insight into their preferred style, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Experience with what they want, can and should say in a vitality or lifestyle conversation in an open, constructive and respectful way.

For whom

Participants are managers, executives, HR officers, health and safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Participants:                   10 – 20 persons
  • Date:                            upon request
  • Duration:                    half-day
  • Location:                    upon request

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