Workshop Sustainable Employability


There is a lot going on around the themes ‘sustainable employability’ and ‘vitality’. But what is it exactly and what can you do with it? To be ‘vital’, do you have to go on a diet? Do you have to go to the gym every day? Go to bed at 9 pm every day? And “sustainable employability”, is it being able to work as long as possible?


During the sustainable employability workshop, we address these topics and ‘sustainable employability’ and ‘vitality’ become more meaningful to the participants. During the inspiration session, for example, we talk about what you yourself can do to have ‘resilience’ and enough energy to be ‘in balance’. Finding the balance in different areas of life such as job satisfaction, social relationships, stress reduction/relaxation is the basis for good sustainable employability and vitality. These lifestyle areas are represented in the lifestyle circle, see below:

Participants gain basic insight into what they can and cannot expect from the organization and become aware of their own role and responsibility with regard to vitality and sustainable employability. They gain insight into what consumes energy and what gives them energy and are given practical tips on how to manage this themselves. In this way, they discover what choices they can and want to make to feel vital and sustainably employable.

Themes that will be addressed during the workshop are:

  • Legal framework
  • Lifestyle circle
  • Energy providers and energy consumers by means of the 6 batteries: our energy sources.
  • Resources and setting personal goals


After the workshop the participants have

  • Knowledge about the concepts of sustainable employability and vitality.
  • Insight in energy providers and energy consumers.
  • Insight into possible resources, from the individual and the organization.
  • Practical tips & tricks.

For whom

Participants are employees from all levels of the organization.

Practical information

  • Participants: 10 – 20 persons
  • Date: upon request
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Location: online

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