Confidential advisor


Undesirable behaviour by colleagues or clients, such as bullying/mobbing, discrimination, (sexual) harassment, aggression and/or transgressive behaviour in conflicts can occur in any organisation and result in absenteeism. By deploying an expert confidential advisor, your employees can share their story in a safe environment. The confidential advisor has a duty of confidentiality.

Work activities

Our well-trained confidential advisors facilitate both individual employees and the organisation in dealing with undesirable behaviour:

For the employee:

For the employee dealing with undesirable behaviour, they provide a safe space for the employee to share their concerns, analyse the problem and the actions taken, determine the possible next steps, and they support the employee in taking these steps. Follow-up steps can range from support in finding people within the organisation who can be of support to finding a mediator, offering support in going to the complaint committee (formal process) and/or referring to psychosocial, legal or other help. Empowerment of the employee is always the starting point.

For managers and management:

Our confidential advisors provide advice to prevent undesirable behaviour. This is not only about formulating policy but also about how to create broad support and embedding the policy in your organisation. By registering cases of undesirable behaviour, targeted interventions can also be implemented.

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