Any person wants a job that suits them and has qualities that match specific positions and organisations. Our outplacement programmes are therefore always individual programmes, tailored entirely to the situation of the employee.


Outplacement means that an employee and employer have agreed (voluntarily or compulsorily) that the employee will leave work within the current organisation. This usually involves uncertainty for the employee because their income is linked to it. The coach helps the employee to deal with the loss of work, deal with the uncertainty about the future and build self-confidence.

The right match, scientifically sound

A good match between person and position contributes to work satisfaction and lasting employment. Mismatch can lead to demotivation, dysfunction and absenteeism. That is why we always examine crucial matters such as interests, motivations and competencies through scientifically validated behavioural analyses. Measuring is the key to knowledge!

Would you like to do more extensive research into labour market opportunities? Our NIP-registered psychologist is always happy to help you with a career assessment.

More information

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