B corporation

B Corporation

We are a certified B Corporation. A B Corp is a company that uses its business operations to have a measurable positive impact on social and environmental issues. In our case: working together for healthy people in healthy organizations with an eye for the entire value chain. We have translated this ambition into specific terms, including

  • A code of ethics for employees and suppliers in which they commit to universal human rights such as equal treatment, freedom of association, protection against child labour and forced labour.
  • Human Being Management (HBM) for our employees as a successor to the Human Resource policy.
  • Nationwide service provision whereby digital cooperation allows customers, employees and suppliers more time for social life in their own local environment and minimises the environmental impact.
  • Long-term partnerships with suppliers who have an eye for socially responsible business practices and who spend, in principle, 5% of the purchase price on social refunding in line with our mission. Whereby we donate the same contribution.
  • A risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) tool that enables customers not only to realise healthy and safe working in their own organization, but also to contribute to corporate social responsibility in the chain.