Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Healthy people in healthy organisations require corporate social responsibility (CSR). People, Planet and Profit are the three pillars of our CSR policy focused on the health of people, the organisation, the living environment and the planet. With attention to both the here and now and the elsewhere and later.


In both our external services and towards our employees and the environment, Active Health Group gives substance to the healthy people aspect of CSR. For example, through occupational health and safety services that combine complying with legal regulations with humanity. Or recruitment and selection with a focus on the value added by the individual, regardless of gender, background, religious beliefs etc. We support our employees by paying attention to work-life balance, healthy and safe working conditions, personal development and training. And the results of the annual employee satisfaction survey also form input for our HBM policy (Human Being Management). In addition, we make an annual contribution to one or more charities that are committed to equal opportunities for health in the short and long term.


A healthy environment is essential for healthy people now and in the future. That is why we take various measures to limit any adverse effects of our actions on the environment. Although we operate nationwide, we limit the travel movements of our employees by applying a regional focus to our services – close to home, close to clients – and by facilitating the New World of Work. In addition, based on the ISO 14001 environmental management system, we systematically work on controlling and limiting environmental impact.


It is important to us to be a reliable and solid partner. Customers must be able to rely on consistent quality at a fair price. We also find it important to work with suppliers who also recognise the importance of CSR and in principle spend 5% of the purchase sum on social refunding. The aim of social refunding is to raise awareness among as many people as possible of the universal value of health for themselves, their environment, society and the world from an integral perspective.