Gezondheidsmanagement / Duurzame inzetbaarheid



Healthy and happy employees who are sustainably deployable will reduce absenteeism costs, increase work productivity and ensure a positive atmosphere in the workplace. That is why we at Active Health Group work together with our clients to strive for the optimal health and durable employability (DZI) of their employees, in case of absence management under their own direction, as well as outsourcing to an occupational health and safety service. The point is to establish a properly calibrated absence management and effective health management to support one another.

Influencing behaviour

Just like with absence management, managing health, happiness and employability is all about driving desirable behaviour. Every person is capable of choosing healthy (or healthier) behaviour. It is important for them to receive proper support in this. Among other things, this means realising a culture in which addressing vitality is normal, and ensuring the targeted use of effective tools, to make choosing health easier. Repeated reminders play an important part in this. We are talking about behavioural change, after all.

Policy and implementation of durable employability and health

For many years, Active Health Group has been supporting organisations in the development, execution and improvement of policy regarding health, happiness and durable employability.

Among other things, we can facilitate your organisation through:

Noncommittal advice

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