Organisation diagnosis durable employability (DZI)

Organisation diagnosis durable employability (DZI)

Measuring means knowing. Reduced (durable) employability is usually the result of circumstances other than medical ones, which means that it is more easily influenced and preventable. With a correct analysis and the right combination of statistical information, not only will the most important factors of non-medical absenteeism be mapped, it will also express the value of health in financial information. That is why we start by using our organisation diagnosis scan (see image below) and custom work and organisation advice.

Organisation diagnosis

Organisation culture – Personal expectations – Absence because of motivation

Competences – Work load – Absence because of overload

Lifestyle – Medical – Absence because of sickness (1.5-2.5%)

With our innovative business intelligence tool, we create cross-links between various numbers related to health and absenteeism, including scores relating to customer and employee satisfaction. This offers an insight into the link with the commercial numbers of your organisation, and also has a prognostic, preventive value (@risk population). It is taken into account that employability is related to culture and organisation developments. Our professionals can support you in making the translation to a solid organisation advice that will appeal to the various stakeholders within your organisation, including the financial department and management.

Lean and mean driving of durable employability

Thanks to the organisation diagnosis scan and the work and organisation advice, a specific mix of interventions and tools for the objectification of the level of employability can be used. Through this, a lean and mean comprehensive approach of health, absenteeism and durable employability can be realised within your organisation. With durable employability, productivity improvement, (absenteeism) cost reduction and risk management among the results.

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