Working together on vitality and employability


This practical, interactive training is all about learning how to facilitate your employees in a practical and effective way in self-management on health from the shared responsibility for employability and how to effectively discuss vitality, lifestyle and sustainable employability.


The training is structured as follows:

  • Before an interactive group meeting, the participants make an individual inventory of the vitality of their department and which tools they already use themselves to facilitate their employees/colleagues in being able to take the lead on managing their health.
  • During the practical plenary session, the focus is on the ‘why, how and what’ of facilitating vitality in the workplace without being pedantic. An important element in this is knowledge sharing and inspiration; what tools or resources are available or already being used. The next step is formulating concrete actions.
  • Next, participants will participate in role-play with training actors to practice their vitality and employability conversational skills in situations that fit the needs of your organisation. The techniques are adjusted to the level of the participants.


At the end of this training, participants will have:

  • Insight into why, how and with what instruments they want to and can facilitate vitality in the workplace in a practical way.
  • Formulated concrete actions they will work on, and inspired each other to take action.
  • determined how they are going to ensure implementation in practice and keep the theme relevant.
  • Insight into the underlying principles and techniques of effective vitality conversations;
  • Insight into their preferred styles, strengths and pitfalls.
  • Experience with what they want to and can say in a vitality conversation in an open, constructive and respectful way.

For whom

Participants are managers, HR officers, occupational health and safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Capacity:    10 – 20 participants
  • Date:           In consultation
  • Duration:   Half-day
  • Location:    In consultation

More information

For more information, call us via +31 88 – 286 60 55 or contact us through the contact form. We’d be happy to think along with you.