Effective leadership


Effective leadership is necessary to realise sustainable employability and a financially healthy Organization. Deepen your leadership skills through a unique, effective methodology and experience how you can motivate your employees intrinsically to get the best out of themselves.


The training ‘Effective Leadership’ is characterised by authenticity. Self-knowledge and knowing what you stand for in the Organization are of great importance. Being visible in your vision and expressing it in your actions and dealings provides clarity, is inspiring and generates support among employees. Keeping the balance between your own insights and intuition and being able to listen to the feedback of your employees requires leadership.

This training enables you to find answers to questions from daily practice in an effective, experiential way. For example: what is the core of difficult issues? What can I do to empower my staff so that they work with pleasure and commitment? Using the methodology of system constellations, the core of the question is touched upon and obstacles are transformed into opportunities.


After the training the participants have

  • In-depth knowledge and insight into what they themselves can do to change things in a positive and effective way.
  • Tools to observe from different perspectives.
  • Insight into practical case studies.

For whom

Participants are managers, board members, executives, HR officers, health and safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Capacity:    10 – 12 persons
  • Date:          upon request
  • Duration:   2 half-days
  • Location:    upon request

Non-binding advice

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