Organisational diagnosis and advice

Organisational diagnosis and advice

Reduced employability is usually the result of causes other than (just) medical ones, which are easier to influence and preventable. A solid analysis of the complex interplay of mutually influencing causal processes at the individual (lifestyle, competencies, skills) and the organisational level (culture, leadership, policy) and the right combination of statistical information result in: (A) the uncovering of important indicators of health and non-medical absenteeism and (B) the expression of the value of health in financial data. Measuring is the key to knowledge. That is why we start our services by using our organisational diagnostic scan and custom employment and organisational advice.

Data analysis based on business intelligence

Via data analysis with our business intelligence tool, we make connections between various health and absenteeism related figures, including results of customer and employee satisfaction surveys. Not only does this provide insight into the relationship with your organisation’s commercial figures; it also has prognostic, preventive value (@risk population). Attention is also paid to the fact that employability is linked to cultural and organisational developments. Our professionals can support you in the translation into solid employment and organisational advice that appeals to the various stakeholders within your organisation, including management and the financial department.

Lean and mean towards sustainable employability

Thanks to the organisational diagnosis scan and employment and organisational advice, a targeted mix of interventions and tools can be used for achieving employability. In this way, a lean and mean integral approach to sustainable employability can be realised within your organisation, based on (self-)management of health with attention for the shared responsibility. This results in sustainable employability, improved productivity, (absenteeism) cost savings and risk management.

Advisors who stand for customisation

Our multidisciplinary consultancy team consists of experienced employment & organisational consultants (with one or more backgrounds such as business administration, HR, law), occupational safety, health and risk experts and occupational hygienists. These core experts (as defined in the Working Conditions Act) recognise the uniqueness of your organisation, its various components, departments and functions and are used to building bridges to other domains. They deliver custom work that is designed together with you.

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