Occupational health and organisational experts


Our occupational health and organisational experts help organisations to manage healthy employees in healthy organisations. They do this while paying attention to the organisation’s objectives by providing advice and guidance in order to create an organisational culture, leadership style and policy with which self-management for sustainable employability is created and maintained based on the shared responsibility of employee and employer. In addition, they ensure through participation in an interdisciplinary social medical consultation that, when discussing complex individual absenteeism cases, attention is always paid to a possible correlation between the individual case and organisation-wide absenteeism, culture, leadership style and policy. After all, the choice for less employability is the result of a combination of individual factors and causal processes from within the organisational environment.

More than just occupational health and organisational expertise

Our occupational healthand organisational experts distinguish themselves by their knowledge of both the soft and the hard side of an organisation. They combine specialisms such as business administration, HR, occupational health & organisational psychology, health management, occupational medicine, accountancy and/or communication. As a result, they always approach issues integrally and pay attention to both human and business economics considerations.

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