Occupational hygienists


Our certified occupational hygienists know all about working conditions and the negative health effects that can arise, particularly in the long term. Their activities focus on, for example:

  • Exposure to hazardous chemical substances or biological factors such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Physical factors such as noise, vibrations, air quality, lighting, interior climate, radiation.
  • Physical load (lifting, pushing, pulling), RSI and screen work.

Like no other, our occupational hygienists are able to map such risk factors for your employees’ health, and come up with solutions and provide support for the implementation. A fast, effective approach to health risks and the promotion of sustainable employability are at the essence.

Examples of activities

For an employer to ensure the healthy and safe execution of work, our occupational hygienists carry out the following activities, among others:

  • Inventory, measure, quantify and report on risk factors: chemical, biological or physical.
  • Executing and testing a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E).
  • Executing a workplace inspection.
  • Advice on preventing health risks and implementing control measures, both technical and organisational.
  • Providing information and training on occupational hygiene-specific subjects.

More information

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