Occupational safety, health and risk experts


Promoting safety at work and in the working environment is the most important task of our certified occupational safety, health and risk experts. They help you to formulate, implement and adjust policies in the field of safety, health, wellbeing and the environment. For example, with a background in technology or physics, they combine strategic advice with operational management.

Examples of activities

A few examples of the work of our occupational safety, health and risk experts are:

  • Advice on fire safety, accident notification and registration, calamity and evacuation plans.
  • Formulating and testing of the risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E).
  • Formulating additional risk inventory and evaluations (ARIEs). The ARIE regulation is in fact an additional RI&E aimed at risks of serious accidents involving hazardous substances.
  • Establishment of danger zone layout (ATEX) for companies with explosion hazards.
  • Setting up and implementing management systems for safety and working conditions.
  • Carrying out measurements, inspections and checks.
  • Performing accident analyses and creating reports.
  • Executing a quantitative risk assessments (QRA). The QRA is a tool to gain insight into the risks of the use, transport and storage of hazardous substances and for aviation. To determine the risks to external safety, a QRA takes into account both the chances and the effects of incidents involving hazardous substances. The results of a QRA are distances to local risk contours (LR) and the height of the group risk (GR).
  • Providing employees with information and training on safe work practices.

More information

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