Employability/salary value indicator & Income insurance


The purpose of the Employability Salary Index & Income Insurance is: the objective determination of the real salary value (productivity compared to the standard salary) for the purpose of determining the disability percentage in relation to income insurances (in particular absenteeism and WIA insurances).

The Employability and Salary Value Indicator & Income Insurance is a web-based application that calculates the real salary value of the output delivered by an employee.

The underlying calculation method is based on the salary value calculation method as described in the Research Cahier #6 of the AKC (Arbeidsdeskundig Kennis Centrum); “Arbeidsdeskundige methodiek voor de vaststelling van gerealiseerde loonwaarde”.


Deployment of the Employability and Salary Value Indicator & Income Assurance includes:

  • Drawing up a job load profile (main tasks, sub-tasks, percentage distribution) by a registered employment expert.                                                 
  • Interview by the above-mentioned professional with the employer and with the employee to gain insight into the work done by the employee within the framework of reintegration.
  • Making a calculation of the salary value on the basis of the above input.
  • Making a report and sending it to the employer and the employee or also to the income insurer if they are the client. 
  • The first interview can take place on location or via Teams. Any follow-up interviews will be conducted by telephone or via Teams.

If desired, the last established salary value can be updated in case of changed capacity or rearrangement of tasks during the reintegration process. Employer and employee will receive the updated report.

For whom

The client for the Employability and Salary Value Indicator & Income Insurance can be different. It can be either the income insurer himself who wants to have the salary value determined in an objective way because of a benefit under the income insurance, or an employer who wants to be able to demonstrate to his/her income insurer what the real salary value is because of the claim on the income insurance. 

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