Employability/salary value indicator


The Employability and Salary Value Indicator is our web-based application that shows the actual use of the employee at task/task level and can be used to calculate the (financial) value of the output that an employee delivers in relation to the work that the employee did before his or her absence and the salary that the employee earned as a result (salary value). It is a single application that can be used in two (complementary) situations. Firstly, as a reintegration tool to translate the dual responsibility on employability into the (own) function. And on the other hand as a reintegration tool whereby the determination of the salary value is the characteristic objective. With the objective determination of the salary value, the Employability and Salary Value Indicator is also the tool par excellence to determine the disability percentage in relation to your income insurances (in particular absenteeism and WIA insurances).

Our approach

The Employability and Salary Value Indicator is not a “Pandora’s box”, it is primarily a supporting tool to shape the discussion on employability (within the framework of reintegration) with an emphasis on dual responsibility, increasing support regarding the feasibility of tasks/activities and making specific, specific, measurable and time-related agreements (SMART). 

The function is mapped out on the basis of main and subordinate tasks. We then look at what is still feasible for the employee to do and what is not, for each main and subtask. It can also be mapped out whether the employee needs extra support/supervision, such as extra instruction, temporary support by a colleague, extra resting moments, etc. in order to form a picture for the employer of what is needed to adequately shape the reintegration and what the effect of this is on the operational business process. Based on this analysis, further (measurable) steps can be taken in the reintegration process.  


Deployment of the Employability and Salary Value Indicator includes:

  • Drawing up a job load profile (main tasks, sub-tasks, percentage distribution) by a registered employment expert.
  • Interview by the above-mentioned professional with the employer and with the employee to gain insight into the activities carried out by the employee within the framework of reintegration.
  • If the job profile is already known in the application, the conversation as referred to in bullet point 2 can also be held by an employability coach.
  • Making a report and sending it to the employer and employee.
  • The first interview can take place on location or via Teams. Any follow-up interviews will be conducted by telephone or via Teams.

If desired, the last determined salary value can be updated in case of changed capacity or rearrangement of tasks during the reintegration process. Employer and employee will receive the updated report.

For whom

The Employability and Salary Value Indicator can be used by employers as an intervention to give specific shape to the reintegration route.

Signs that may indicate situations in which an intervention of the Employability and Salary Value Indicator may help to further shape an adequate reintegration path include:

  • Uncertainty about which tasks can be done within the framework of reintegration.
  • Difficult to quantify what percentage of partial rehabilitation is.
  • If partial recovery only takes place on hours while not all tasks are done.
  • Reintegration stagnates and there is no well-defined framework regarding reintegration agreements.

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