Organisational diagnosis of absenteeism


Absenteeism is an expression of a complex interplay of mutually influencing processes on both the individual and the organisational level, with an undesirable outcome. In the context of the employee and employer’s shared responsibility for employability, an organisational diagnosis of absenteeism is therefore required, with attention for both causal processes at the level of the individual employee (lifestyle, competencies, skills) and causal processes in the organisational environment (culture, leadership style).

Data analysis based on business intelligence

We facilitate our clients with a 3D organisational diagnosis of absenteeism instead of a traditional 2D absenteeism analysis. The latter is an absenteeism analysis based on an absenteeism system of which (A) the number of possible correlations is limited and with (B) minimal predictive value. For you, as an employer, this results in general advice and general interventions for broad groups in the organisation, with limited options to measure and monitor the effects. Our 3D organisational diagnosis scan of absenteeism on the other hand: (A) provides insight into the “why” of bottlenecks and best practices on the individual and organisational level, and (B) has predictive value (@risk population).

Lean and mean focus on sustainable employability

This 3D organisational diagnosis is made in consultation with a representative of your organisation. An important part is the connection to your organisational context by using the collective aggregated triage data of the absenteeism process. Based on the data analysis, a highly specified process of policy development, implementing interventions, monitoring and evaluation can take place. A process that activates both employee and manager in taking their shared responsibility for sustainable employability.

The results of the organisational diagnostic scan and the risk inventory & evaluation (RI&E) also provide important input for our core experts. In this way, we facilitate your Health & Safety Act obligation to be able to deploy certified experts such as an occupational safety, health and risk expert, an occupational hygienist and an occupational health & organisational expert.

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