3rd track reintegration/WGA

3rd track reintegration/WGA

If no fitting work place has been found for the employee after two years of work disability, they will go through a WIA examination (Work and Income according to Labour Capacity). Employees that still have utilisable capabilities according to this examination, can apply for a WGA benefit (Resumption of work by those who are partially incapacitated for work). During this benefit period, it is required to continuously act on current reintegration possibilities. This is the so-called 3rd track reintegration process.

Self-insurance carrier and WGA

Are you, as an employer, self-insurance carrier according to the WGA? Then you will be responsible for the reintegration and WGA benefit pay-outs for employees who fall under the WGA scheme. This can amount to a significant financial loss. That is why we encourage you to support your employee’s reintegration process while there are still work opportunities. Our professional reintegration coaches have a lot of experience in guiding and intrinsically motivating employees with a partial work disability.

UWV process

Did you, as an employer, include the 3rd track process in your insurance? Then the UWV or the insurer will take over the responsibility for the reintegration of the employer. We have been working closely together with UWV for a long time, for the support of beneficiaries under the WGA and for the guidance of people under the Sickness Benefit Act.

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