Occupational health experts


Our occupational health experts are experts in issues regarding the workload of someone’s job and the workload capacity of the employee. Based on their expertise, they provide objective answers to questions such as: how demanding is a person’s job? What can they handle, what are the limitations? Can tasks and functions be adjusted if the employee’s capacity is (temporarily) reduced? What are the contractual or benefit-related consequences?

Focus on health and possibilities

From our vision on health and possibilities, our team of occupational health experts is always looking for what steps the employee and employer can take together to realise a return to work.

Depending on the individual situation, our occupational health experts offer support with services such as occupational reintegration assessment, employment opportunities assessment and workplace assessment.

Occupational reintegration assessment

In the event of uncertainty whether the employee cannot (yet) or partially return to their own or adjusted position at the employer, the employer is required to follow a 2-track policy in accordance with the Gatekeeper Improvement Act. This means:

  • Track 1: Return to own/adjusted/different work at own employer.
  • Track 2: and/or the advice to start a job search for work at another employer.

No later than at 1 year of absenteeism, all reintegration possibilities must be objectively examined.

Employment opportunities assessment

An employment opportunities assessment is an assessment of the opportunities of the employee in their own work or adjusted work, with the purpose of facilitating the success of reintegration track 1. This assessment can provide a solution when reintegration of the employee in their own work or adjusted work stagnates or when it is unclear what opportunities the employee still has in their own work.

Workplace assessment

There are 2 types of workplace assessment: a basic workplace assessment and an extensive workplace assessment.

The basic workplace assessment focuses on workplace settings. Particularly for employees with, for example, a computer workstation. The occupational and ergonomic aspects of the physical workplace and the working environment in combination with the job profile and capacity of the employee are assessed by an occupational expert with the aim of giving advice on possibilities to adjust the workplace to achieve optimal work posture.

An extensive workplace assessment involves several factors that require a thorough assessment and looks at a workplace in a broader and more specific way. You can think of these factors:

  • Workplace type and physical load.
  • Posture and movement behaviour of the employee.
  • Possible physical and/or mental limitations.
  • Environmental factors (climate, lighting, noise).
  • Safety (for example, after an occupational accident).
  • Prevention.

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