Occupational health doctors and insurance doctors


Occupational health expertise

Good occupational health care by qualified doctors working from our central overarching vision on healthy people in healthy organisations, that is what we provide. The working method of our occupational health doctors is characterised by a proactive, signalling attitude, paying attention to working conditions and lifestyle. With the results of the triage process as part of his anamnesis, a conversation with the employee and any additional information, the occupational health doctor uses his medical expertise to determine the reintegration framework (possibilities). Within 24 hours after the consultation, the employee and employer receive practical and manageable advice to fulfil their shared responsibility for employability. In practical terms, this means that the manager makes concrete agreements with the employee about returning to work based on the framework received and, if necessary, organises suitable work. If desired, an absenteeism coach can support the manager in the practical implementation of that responsibility.

In addition, our occupational health doctors also play an advisory role in the implementation of preventive measures for healthy and safe work towards management, HR, the prevention officer and the works’ council/employee representatives. Employees can also consult the occupational health doctor during working conditions consultation hours with questions about working conditions (and possible health risks), their health or medical limitations in relation to working conditions and their health in general.

Insurance health expertise

In the event of a claim assessment or second opinion, the expertise of our insurance doctors offers a solution. They are able, like no other, to distinguish between restrictions due to illness/disability (medical) versus restrictions due to behaviour and overburdening in the social context; a distinction essential to legislation concerning work disability. In the latter case it concerns employability problems which fall outside the scope of claim assessments, but on which our insurance doctors can provide you with clear advice about effective interventions. The guiding principle is de-medicalisation and facilitating the employee in taking the lead on managing their health and employability.

Consultation hours: at locations of Active Health Group, in-company and online

Depending on your needs, consultation hours can take place at one or more of our locations throughout the country or at your company. In the latter case, you will have a permanent occupational health doctor at your disposal for the desired number of half-day periods per week at your location. For repeat consultations, video consultations prove to be a time-efficient and effective solution. Naturally, the privacy of your employees will be guaranteed. Whichever option you choose, thanks to our online planning calendar, the consultations can be easily and effectively booked in yourself.

More information

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