Company doctors and insurance doctors


Occupational health expertise

We provide good occupational health care by qualified doctors who work from our central overarching vision of healthy people in healthy organizations. The working method of our company doctors is characterised by a proactive, signalling attitude with attention for working conditions and lifestyle.

Early triage

A choice for absenteeism is determined by a combination of factors in the individual and the organizational context.
At the start of our work with absenteeism, we use triage to objectify and unravel the nature of the absenteeism: are the causes predominantly medical or are they predominantly the result of other factors, private and/or work-related? On the basis of the triage results, the employee and manager receive specific advice: either the company doctor’s intervention is required or the points for attention are suitable for the manager’s own guidance. In case of a consultation with our company doctor, employee and employer receive a specific and manageable advice with re-integration frameworks (possibilities). On this basis, they can make specific agreements on resumption of work. If desired, an absenteeism coach can support the manager in the practical implementation of his/her responsibility for employability.

Organizational advice and working conditions consultation

Based on the Working Conditions Act, our company doctors also have an advisory role towards management, HR/P&O, the prevention officer and the works council/personnel representatives. And with an occupational health and safety consultation hour (AOS), also known as ‘open consultation hour’, we facilitate the legal right of the employee to have free access to the company doctor for work-related health issues. A low-threshold AOS can result in preventive advice for both the employee and the organization.

Insurance medical expertise

In case of a claim assessment or second opinion, the expertise of our insurance doctors offers a solution. They are able, like no other, to make the essential distinction between restrictions due to illness/illness (medical) versus restrictions due to behaviour and overburdening in the social context. In the latter case, it concerns employability issues, which fall outside the scope of the claim assessment but where our insurance doctors can provide you with clear advice on effective interventions. Starting point is: de-medicalising and facilitating the employee in taking control of his/her health and employability.

Non-binding advice

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