Case managers and absenteeism coaches


Case manager under task delegation

Expert, UWV-proof process guidance in the implementation of the ‘Wet verbetering poortwachter’ (WVP), that is entrusted to our case managers under the delegation of tasks from the company doctor. Where you, as an employer, are not allowed to ask for the reason why you are reporting sick, a case manager under delegation may. That makes our case managers an important link in your absence management.

In order to uncover the causes of your employee’s absence, our case manager uses questionnaires as standard. The (case manager in consultation with) company doctor evaluates the results of the triage process and determines: either the deployment of the company doctor is necessary or the points of attention lend themselves for guidance of the employee by the manager himself. The case manager feeds back the results to the employee and the manager, so that they can take up their shared responsibility for employability. As your first point of contact in absence management, the case manager can also support you in deploying the right interventions.

Absenteeism coach under task delegation

Practice shows that managers and employees sometimes find it difficult to give specific shape to employability. Our absenteeism coach provides practical support. For example, by advising the manager on how to implement a build-up plan or helping to have specific, effective discussions with the employee about his/her reintegration options with the aim of reporting his/her recovery. To promote the required self-management of the employee, coaching on employability can also be used.

Other purposes for which an absenteeism coach is deployed include training managers in the early detection of strain and stress and how to discuss this constructively with the employee. And advising the manager on effective measures to prevent absenteeism.

Non-binding advice

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