Lifestyle module

Lifestyle module

To support employees in taking control of their employability through a healthier lifestyle, we have developed a short-term, practical lifestyle coaching module. The employee is coached by a professional lifestyle expert on:

  • Knowledge: awareness of the influence of all lifestyle areas on health and employability.
  • Attitude: activating intrinsic motivation to make a healthy(er) choice.
  • Behaviour: empowerment to actually choose a health-promoting lifestyle on a daily basis.

Attention is paid to:

  • Six lifestyle domains that influence health and employability: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, social relationships, job satisfaction and sense of purpose.
  • Activation: the employee gets a tangible insight into the relationship between his lifestyle, experienced health, well-being and employability.


The lifestyle module takes three months to complete and includes

  • Five coaching sessions (tailor-made).
  • Personal lifestyle action plan.
  • Extensive feedback to the employee at the conclusion of the module.
  • Short, general feedback to the employer at the conclusion of the module.
  • If the referrer is an occupational physician, he or she will receive the same feedback (with the employee’s consent).

For whom

The lifestyle module is effective both preventatively and when returning to work.


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