Work happiness

Work happiness

Work happiness concerns both the happiness experience of the individual employee and an organisational culture as an organisational culture that encourages fun at work. It can be positively influenced by giving it structural attention, increasing awareness of it and, as an organisation, making conscious choices that contribute to happiness at work. This means encouraging employees themselves to be willing and able to take responsibility for their own happiness at work. And giving structural attention to points that are important in experiencing happiness, such as commitment, meaning, autonomy and working atmosphere.

Increasing your own happiness at work

For happiness at work, the commitment of individual employees is important on the one hand. And on the other, the commitment of senior management and executives to create a culture in which the conditions for job happiness are created and there is room for employees to take up their own responsibility. If the basic conditions are in place and the conversation about them can be held, work happiness can become a reality. Hierarchical relationships within one workshop can feel less secure, which is why we offer two variants:


During this practical workshop Controlling happiness at work, employees are given tools, theory and exercises to discover how to increase their own happiness at work. Starting point: you always bring yourself along, so know what happiness at work means to you and what you need to achieve it. To this end, we look at your own talents, drives and values, after which the translation to working happily within an organisation can be made. By combining theoretical and personal insights with doing and experiencing, the concept of happiness at work becomes concrete, tangible, desirable and attainable. Depending on the time available, a personal action plan is part of the workshop.


After the workshop, participants will have:

  • Knowledge of and a concrete understanding of the concept of work happiness.
  • Insight into what work happiness means for them personally.
  • Experience how to create small moments of happiness for themselves and others.
  • Practical tips & tricks to increase and perpetuate their own work happiness.
  • Ideas on how to pursue happiness at work.
  • An action plan to actually work on this (optional).

For participants who want to further develop the skill of enhancing their own happiness at work, there is the in-depth workshop Own control over happiness at work. 

For whom

Employees from all parts of the organisation.

Practical information

  • Participants:          12 persons.
  • Date:       by arrangement.
  • Duration:           4 hours.
  • Location:      by arrangement.

Company event

Are you looking for an inspiring corporate event? All our workshops/trainings can be followed in combination with experience events, such as a padel clinic under the guidance of an experienced trainer. 


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