Preventing wage penalties

Preventing wage penalties

With a long-term sick employee, you have to comply with a multitude of reintegration obligations. Failing to fulfil these obligations or failing to build up a file will be punished with a wage penalty. Avoid this unnecessary cost and learn how to build a UWV-proof file with this training course.


A wage penalty can be avoided in most cases by strictly following the policy rules of the reintegration obligations. At the same time, you steer towards an adequate reintegration of the sick employee. During the training, our expert from the field explains all the UWV criteria. In an accessible way, you will learn the current reintegration obligations and how to build a file correctly. With practical examples, the subject matter is explained clearly.


After the training, participants will have

  • Current knowledge of the regulations concerning the imposition of wage sanctions.
  • Insight into the UWV’s assessment criteria and whether the file meets the legal requirements.
  • Awareness of the pitfalls regarding reintegration obligations.
  • Concrete advice, do’s and don’ts.
  • Insight into practical case histories.

For whom

Participants are managers, HR officers, occupational health and safety professionals and claims handlers.

Practical information

  • Participants:    12 – 20 persons.
  • Date:           by arrangement.
  • Duration:   half-day.
  • Location:    by arrangement.


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