Resilience module


Resilient employees are able to deal effectively with stress, changes, problems and challenges. They do not lapse into passivity, resistance or complaining, but come up with solutions for things they can influence, believe in their own ability to adapt their behaviour, do what is necessary to be sustainably deployable and are future-oriented. Every employee can influence their resilience by making (more) healthy choices in the areas of lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, social relationships, job satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Our approach

Many employees become more or less stressed because of the pressure they experience to keep all the balls in the air at work and at home. They experience limiting boundaries in themselves and/or their environment, whereby their body and mind often begin to give off signals such as pain, fatigue, reacting quickly to anger, negative thinking, emotion eating, isolation, et cetera.

In the resilience module, the individual employee is briefly coached by a professional coach in increasing his resilience. The coach helps the employee to discover what the signals mean, where the limiting limits and possibilities lie. The employee also gets to see what his strength, passion and talents are. This combination of insight into the current situation and a new, attractive perspective leads to strong intrinsic motivation to actually act differently. After which attention is paid to putting into practice the desired choice behaviour across all lifestyle domains, so that a sustainable contribution to resilience and employability is realised.


The resilience module has a duration of two months, and consists of:

  • Five interviews with the employee (tailor-made).
  • Extensive feedback to the employee at the conclusion of the module.
  • Short, general feedback to the employer at the conclusion of the module.
  • If the referrer is an occupational physician, he or she receives the same feedback (with the employee’s agreement).

The resilience module is effective both preventively and when returning to work.

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