Occupational hygienists

Occupational hygienists

Our certified occupational hygienists are experts in working conditions and the negative health effects that can occur, especially in the long term. They deal with, for example:

  • Exposure to chemical hazardous substances or biological factors such as bacteria, viruses, moulds.
  • Physical factors such as noise, vibrations, air quality, lighting, indoor climate, radiation.
  • Physical strain (lifting, pushing, pulling), RSI and computer screen work.

Like no other, our occupational hygienists are capable of identifying such risk factors for the health of your employees, suggesting solutions and supervising their implementation. A fast, effective approach to health risks and the promotion of sustainable employability are central to this.

Examples of work

In order to be able to manage healthy and safe working as an employer, our occupational hygienists carry out the following activities, among others:

  • Inventory, measure, quantify and report on risk factors: chemical, biological, physical or physical.
  • Carrying out and testing an RI&E (risk inventory and evaluation).
  • Workplace investigation.
  • Advice on health risk prevention and control measures, both technical and Organisational.
  • Information and training on occupational hygiene specific subjects.


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