Employability coaching

Employability coaching

Everyone is confronted to a greater or lesser extent with the challenges of life and work. This may involve a single serious event, but also a combination of factors. One’s own behaviour – the way in which a person deals with the given situation – can then influence the employee’s health, employability and productivity.

If there are psychosocial issues that negatively influence the performance of work, the employability coach supports the employee and/or manager in (re)taking control of employability. Our coach does so from an integral, independent and unbiased human perspective.

Awareness and new behaviour

Change starts with awareness. During the coaching session, the person becomes aware of his own situation with regard to all parts of the Employability Scan and lifestyle circle. How he acts to date in a given situation and in what (un)desired outcome that results. This approach activates awareness of the relationship between impeding factors, own behaviour and the situation that has arisen. It then looks for new effective behaviour. Managing one’s own health and employability is central.


The employability coaching comprises:

  • A coaching session consisting of:
    – A discussion of the results of the Employability Scan and an in-depth interview with the employee on the areas in which attention was found.
    – Specific tips and tools to take and keep control of health and employability.
  • Feedback to the employee with a summary of the interview. This feedback includes desired interventions that match the needs of the employee with the aim of sustainable employability, absenteeism management and improved labour productivity.
  • If an occupational physician is involved, he/she will receive the same feedback (with the employee’s agreement).

For whom

Employability coaching is effective both preventively and in cases of absenteeism. Example situations of deployment with employee or manager are:


– A reintegrating employee cannot combine the informal care task with his/her own work.

– The company (context) is changing or has changed, but the employee cannot/will not change with it.

– The employee experiences too high/low work pressure.

– There are private issues such as debts or a divorce, which make it difficult for the employee to perform his/her work well.


– Experiencing a conflict with an employee or colleague(s).

– Wants to effectively support an employee who has difficulty setting boundaries.

– Is looking for how to realise a situation of improved employability together with a frequently absent employee. 


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