Case manager

Our case managers in task delegation of the occupational physician help employer and employee to take all the steps from the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (WVP) together in a timely and careful manner and to have the absence file meet all UWV requirements. As their first point of contact, the case manager is there for the employer and employee if there is a need for advice or clarification, for example on advice given by the practice nurse assistant to the occupational physician / occupational physician on taxability. He also supports as the spider in the web of a team of absence experts and employability experts on deploying the right intervention at the right time for the earliest possible and sustainable return to work.

The advantage of working in task delegation of the occupational physician

Because of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), an employer is not allowed to ask about the nature and cause of the sick report. And if an employee spontaneously shares information about his illness, he is not allowed to record it or use it to form an opinion about his taxability. Our case managers in task delegation of the occupational physician are allowed to do so. This allows them to make an important contribution to an efficient and effective route to sustainable work resumption. This starts immediately after reporting sick. The case manager contacts the employer about the situation and conducts an absenteeism interview with the employee in which health data are also requested. Based on this conversation, the right follow-up actions can be determined.


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