Reintegration consultation


A reintegration consultation is aimed at the reintegration of the employee. Preferably, this consultation will take place between the employability coach, employee and their employer or manager. In this meeting, those involved are first informed about the frameworks of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act, so that they are aware of the expectations arising from this act.

The current situation is then mapped out:

  • What are the possibilities for reintegration within the organisation?
  • What remaining possibilities does the employee have?
  • Do the employee and employer agree with the statements of the occupational health doctor and occupational health expert?
  • Is there a conflict?
  • What prospects make most sense?

On the basis of this inventory, achievable (SMART) objectives are formulated to realise the desired future prospect. At the end of this phase the coach proposes a plan that describes the objectives and related conditions.

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