Gatekeeper Improvement Act & Absenteeism


Getting started with absenteeism guidance and the Gatekeeper’s Act (Wet verbetering poortwachter, WVP) often raises practical questions, such as: what should you as employer and employee do at what point to comply with the WVP reintegration obligations? What questions may or may not I ask a sick employee under privacy legislation? What does personal control of employability mean from the various roles in reintegration? What can I do if reintegration stagnates? How can I prevent or shorten absenteeism in the future? Depending on the prior knowledge level, the nature of the questions and the needs of participants differ. That is why we offer a basic training and an in-depth training. Customised training directly applicable in your own organisation is also possible.

Basic training WVP & absenteeism

This training provides a solid basis for getting started with absenteeism guidance and the absenteeism legislation. Participants are managers, HR officers, health & safety professionals and Works Council members.

Topics covered are:

  • Basic principles of reintegration rights and obligations of employer and employee (legal framework).
  • Steps to take in the context of WVP timelines.
  • When do you assume your role as manager and how do you do it.
  • What can you ask an employee and how do you do it.
  • Fleshing out reintegration agreements, who does what, role of the supervisor, the occupational health officer by delegation and the company doctor.
  • Who determines the degree of occupational disability?

Advanced training WVP & absenteeism

For anyone with basic knowledge of occupational health & safety and absenteeism, there is an in-depth training that further enhances task maturity in managing employability. Participants are managers, HR officers, health & safety professionals and works council members.

Topics covered include:

  • Case study discussion of cases brought in by participants.
  • In-depth: what is work disability?
  • How can an early warning be given that an employee might drop out?
  • Absenteeism and recovery thresholds.
  • What is influenceable absenteeism? And should you want to?

To increase your ability to have the right conversation about employability with employees and recognise early signs of strain, we recommend the Absenteeism Dialogue training or the Vitality and Employability Dialogue training.

Practical information

  • Participants:    12 – 15 persons.
  • Date:                by arrangement.
  • Duration:          4 hours.
  • Location:           by arrangement.                               

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