Absenteeism management & reduction of claims

Absenteeism management & reduction of claims

An employee’s choice of sustainable employability or absenteeism is determined by a combination of individual factors and organisational factors. Both can be influenced. For support in effectively and efficiently managing absenteeism and reducing the cost of claims, you can contact us for:

Occupational physician and practice nurse assistant to the occupational physician.

Case manager in task delegation occupational physician.

Labour expert.

Insurance physician.

Attention to employability and lifestyle

In our approach to absenteeism management, we always pay attention to employability and lifestyle, so that the duration of absenteeism is as short as possible and the return to work as sustainable as possible. In our contacts with an absent employee and the manager, we provide incentives and tools where necessary, aimed at the necessary awareness of someone’s responsibility for sustainable employability and lifestyle behaviour, such as exercise, smoking, alcohol, nutrition and relaxation. And if the employability scan is used in case of absenteeism due to psychological complaints, for instance, the employee receives a report with points for attention and tools to work on his/her own employability and vitality.


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