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A choice for absenteeism is determined by a combination of individual and cultural organisational factors. If absenteeism is at risk of becoming or becomes more long-term, objectification, unravelling and, if necessary, demedicalisation of absenteeism is important for the support of the employee and the manager in their joint process of shared responsibility for and ownership of sustainable employability. We therefore objectify and unravel the nature of absenteeism by triage at the start of our deployment: is absenteeism caused by predominantly medical or predominantly other factors? Is it private and/or work-related? Based on the results, the employee and manager receive specific advice whether assistance from the (occupational health) doctor (consultation hours) is necessary or whether supervision of the employee by the manager is appropriate, considering the observed points of attention. With the collectively aggregated triage data we can also provide insight into the causal processes from the organisational environment that influence the employability of employees.

Prevention, lifestyle care, working conditions consultation hours

Based on the knowledge that absenteeism is largely due to a health or recovery debilitating lifestyle, prevention and lifestyle care have been integrated into our absenteeism services. In their contacts with the absent employee and their manager, our professionals proactively provide stimuli and nudges aimed at the necessary awareness of the individual regarding their responsibility for employability.

Working conditions consultation hours facilitate the employee’s right of free access to the occupational health doctor for occupational health issues, which is mandatory under the Working Conditions Act. The consultation hours are intended to enable employees to consult an expert in the event of questions about working conditions (and possible health risks), their health or medical limitations in relation to the working conditions and their health in general. Easily accessible consultation hours can result in preventive advice to the employee and/or the organisation. In addition, the identification of health problems of multiple employees in the same working conditions can contribute to (new) insights into their relationship.

Organisational diagnosis of absenteeism, absenteeism management, income insurance

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