In a situation of reintegration, reorientation or being ‘between jobs’, more and more people come to realise that self-employment suits their personality, talents, competencies, interests and motives best. In order to facilitate this group of people in taking control of their employability, we offer a contemporary, practice-oriented ‘Entrepreneurship’ course.

Social & health entrepreneurship

A unique feature of the multi-day course ‘Entrepreneurship’ is its connection to current times. Practice-oriented education in essential entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise is combined with the widely felt need for ‘work that matters’ and the awareness of the importance of health in everything we do. More traditional basic subjects, such as strategy, sales and account management, marketing and financial management will be reinforced with modules such as personal leadership and social health entrepreneurship. Effective personal leadership is all about obtaining a clear, integral picture of the issue ‘who am I, what do I want, what can I do’ and the scientifically substantiated importance of mindfulness and compassionate action. In the module social health entrepreneurship, the student learns to view their business in the context of the value of health, creating social impact and sustainable circular thinking. Because of the link with their personal practical situation, the student is able to successfully start working as an independent entrepreneur with a solid business plan and new skills upon completion of the course.

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