Labour expert


Our labour experts are experts in the field of employability issues from the angle of: how does the burden of someone’s job relate to the employee’s load capacity. Based on their specialism, they provide objective clarification of questions such as: what are the possibilities for employability and which restrictions must be taken into account? Can tasks and functions be adjusted in case of (temporarily) reduced capacity? What are the contractual or benefit consequences?

Thinking in terms of possibilities

Thinking in terms of possibilities, our labour expert is always looking for the steps that employee and employer can take together to realise employability. Depending on the individual situation, our employment experts offer support with services such as: employability value indicator and wage value indicator, occupational reintegration survey, employment opportunities survey and workplace survey.

Labour assessment for reintegration

In case of uncertainty whether the employee can (still) not or only partially return to the employer in his own work or adapted work, the employer is obliged to follow a 2-track policy according to the Gatekeeper Improvement Act (WVP). This means

  • Return to own/adapted/other work with own employer, first track.
  • and/or advice to start looking for work with another employer, second track.

At the latest at 1 year of absence, all reintegration possibilities must be objectively examined.

Work Opportunities Assessment

A job opportunity assessment is an investigation of the possibilities that an employee still has in his own work or in adapted work with the aim of ensuring that the first stage reintegration process proceeds smoothly. This investigation can offer a solution when the reintegration into the employee’s own work or adapted work at the employer is stagnating or when it is unclear which possibilities the employee still has in his own work.

Workplace assessment

There are two types of workplace assessments: basic and extensive.

The basic workplace test is intended to help with workplace settings. This especially concerns employees who, for example, use a monitored workplace. The occupational health and ergonomic aspects of the workplace and the working environment are assessed by an occupational health expert, in combination with the employee’s job profile and work capacity, with the aim of advising on the possibilities of adapting the workplace to achieve an optimal work posture.

An extensive workplace assessment involves a thorough examination of several factors and a broader and more specific look at the workplace. You can think of:

  • Type of workplace and physical load.
  • Posture and movement behaviour of the employee.
  • Possible physical and/or mental limitations.
  • Environmental factors (climate, lighting, noise).
  • Safety (after an accident, for example).
  • Prevention of accidents

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