Company social work

Company social work

A company social worker is an expert in the field of psychosocial workload (PSW). Based on that expertise, he/she helps individual employees take control of their employability and the Organisation achieve its objectives.

Psychosocial guidance: activation to self-management

If the work performance of an employee declines due to private circumstances or due to problems in the work-related sphere, guidance by and advice from a company social worker can offer a solution. The guidance is mainly aimed at getting the employee to take control of his own health and employability. It supports him in finding his intrinsic motivation, in learning to deal with the obstacles he experiences and in solving problems himself. In the case of conflicts and grief counselling, targeted treatment methods are applied. The approach is practical and the number of sessions is usually limited. If necessary, others are also involved in the counselling, such as the immediate supervisor or partner. The counselling sessions are voluntary and confidential.

Additional activities

Apart from psycho-social counselling of individual employees and coaching of their managers, the company social worker can also support you with:

  • Management advice on employment relationships and conditions and what this means for the organisation’s social policy.
  • Information about specific themes that may occur within the organisation, such as preventing burn-out, dealing with changes, undesirable behaviour.

The deployment of a company social worker is effective both preventively and when returning to work.


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