Third track re-integration / WGA

Third track re-integration / WGA

If a suitable workplace has not been found for an employee after two years of occupational disability, a WIA assessment (Work and Income according to Labour Capacity) will follow. Employees who, according to this assessment, still have a useable capacity, may be eligible for a WGA benefit (Work resumption for the partially disabled). During this benefit period, continuous action must be taken to identify current reintegration opportunities. This is the so-called third track reintegration process.

Own risk management and WGA

Are you an employer who bears the excess risk for the WGA? Then you are responsible for the reintegration of an employee who falls under the WGA scheme for a period of 10 years and for paying the WGA benefit. This can add up to a considerable claim burden. We therefore advise you to accompany your employee in his reintegration as long as there are job opportunities to limit the damage burden as much as possible. Our expert reintegration coaches are very experienced in guiding and intrinsically motivating partially disabled employees.

UWV route

Did you, as an employer, include the 3rd track path in your insurance? Then the UWV or the insurer takes over the responsibility for the reintegration of the employee. We have been working closely with the UWV for some time now on the guidance of those entitled to benefits under the WGA and on the guidance of those under the Sickness Benefits Act.


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