Managing employability with business intelligence

Managing employability with business intelligence

Sustainable employability and absenteeism are both the result of a unique interplay between individual factors and organisational factors. Whereby limited(er) employability is often caused by causes other than (only) medical ones. An effective approach to increasing employability and making it sustainable requires the deployment of the right risk-oriented intervention at the right time by the right person or decision-making body. This requires insight into the specific combination of root causes of both sustainable employability and absenteeism and associated risks within your organisation.


In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to manage employability in your organisation using business intelligence. This is done in a practical way using an example measurement at organisational level, the Organisational Diagnosis Scan, and at individual level, the Employability Scan. Followed by a reasoned translation of the outcomes into choices for effective policies and interventions at organisational and individual level. During this session, there is room for self-initiated case histories.


After the masterclass the participants have:

  • Insight into the meaning of dual responsibility for employability for their own organisation.
  • Insight into how (measurable) knowledge is gathered about risks and best practices in the organisation through the Organisational Diagnosis Scan and Employability Scan.
  • Insight into the practical translation of scan outcomes to policy and targeted interventions.
  • Answers to questions about your own casuistry.
  • Tips and advice.

For whom

Participants are managers, board members, executives, HR officers, health & safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Participants:    15 persons.
  • Date:           by arrangement.
  • Duration:   half-day.  
  • Location:    by arrangement.

Corporate event

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