Preventive medical examinations 2.0


For many organisations an integral health check with attention to the psychosocial workload fits well with their risk inventory & evaluation (RI&E). This integral health check owes its effectiveness to the combination of the elements below:
  • Integral awareness work capacity: your employees gain insight into their physical, mental and social work capacity.
  • Self-management activation: your employees are encouraged to get to work with the findings themselves, by a motivating interview technique and personal advice, among other things.
  • Group analysis: optional, an anonymised report that gives you as an employer’s insight into the work capacity and absenteeism risk at (sub)group level.
  • Flexibility: easily customisable for issues specific to your organisation.
  • Privacy guaranteed: only the individual employee will be able to view the results. The survey and examination results are stored by us in a secure environment.


The preventive medical examination 2.0 consists of:
  • Comprehensive lifestyle test: provides insight into the current balance across six lifestyle areas.
  • Employability questionnaire: scientifically validated; provides an overall picture of employability across five domains: support at work and at home; sources of stress at work and at home; personal characteristics such as perfectionism or avoidance; complaints; experienced limitations.
  • Biometrics: height, weight, BMI, blood pressure.
  • Blood tests: cholesterol and glucose levels (finger-prick).
  • Consultation: motivational interview by a lifestyle expert.
  • Personal advice: summary examination report with personal advice.

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