Reintegration and outplacement


Organisations and people are constantly evolving. Positions and working methods change frequently and reorganisations take place. This can lead to a situation in which organisational needs and personal needs no longer match. Employees are not always aware of change, do not feel the space to adopt new ways of working or are asked to perform on competencies that they naturally possess less. As a result, the employee is no longer ‘attuned’ to the job, which can lead to dysfunction or ultimately absenteeism.

Reintegration coaching

The aim of reintegration coaching is to realign the absent employee with his work. First of all, the employee and the employer focus on return to the original job. If they are not successful, both look for another position within the organisation. Are possibilities lacking? Then the employer is obliged to look for suitable work outside the organisation. Consider both looking for a new position that takes into account the limitations and focusing on a new career perspective. Sometimes starting a business by the employee is a better solution than a salaried job with another employer.

Outplacement coaching

Generally, an outplacement programme is intended for a healthy employee who is being assisted to find a new job at another employer. Outplacement means that an employee and the employer have agreed (voluntarily or compulsorily) that the employee will leave work within the current organisation. For example, due to a reorganisation in which their job is discontinued, a reorganisation that results in a mismatch between a new position (or working method) and the employee’s competencies, a labour dispute, inadequate performance or the employee being at a standstill in their career. Outplacement is not a legal obligation like reintegration track 2. It is, however, often part of the social plan during a reorganisation.

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