Income insurance


Under current legislation, the costs of absenteeism and work disability are largely for the employer. In addition to the continued salary payments, this includes the payment of WGA benefits (WGA; Return to work scheme for partially or temporarily disabled persons) if long-term absenteeism. The resulting financial damage can be significant. If an employee is declared partially disabled after two years of illness, as their employer you are responsible for their entitlement to WGA benefits for up to ten years. That is why Active Health Assurance offers customised professional advice on absenteeism insurance and on being an individual risk carrier. We zoom in on your organisation’s risk management within the context of the WIA regulations (Work and Income According to Labour Capacity).

Insurance solution to fit your risk management

Through intensive, strategic cooperation with certified occupational health and safety service providers, various insurance companies and proxies, we can provide your organisation with the necessary services:
  • Thorough advice on which insurance solution suits your organisation’s risk strategy best.
  • Insurance with the right conditions and low fees.
We will introduce you to various parties and solutions, so that you can optimally manage your risks.

Insurance services

Our services consist of advice, mediation, aftercare and support. Aftercare and support means that we annually manage the insurance package arranged through our mediation. Examples of our services:
  • Checking automatic adjustments by the insurance company, fee and own risk.
  • Evaluation of the previous year.
  • Data actualisation.
  • Checking for changes that may affect your insurance.
On the Active Health Assurance website, you will find extensive information about all the possibilities of our insurance service.

Non-binding advice

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