Organization Diagnosis Scan

Organization Diagnosis Scan

An effective approach to sustainable employability requires adequate risk-focused intervention (what) at the right time (where/when) by the right person or decision-maker (who). This requires insight into the specific combination of root causes and associated risks. A measurement at the organization level, the Organization Diagnosis Scan, contributes to this insight. The same applies to a measurement at individual level, the Employability Scan.

Insight into causes and risks

The Organization Diagnosis Scan consists of three complementary parts:

  • In dialogue with a representative of your organization, bottlenecks, risks and best practices are exposed and individual factors versus organizational factors are unravelled.
  • Screening and analysis of policy documents.
  • Completion of the sustainable employability ‘Organization & Company’ questionnaire.


Well-founded choices for deployment of organizational interventions and policy

Thanks to the Organizational Diagnosis Scan, targeted labour and organizational advice can follow and well-founded choices can be made at the management level about the targeted ‘lean & mean’ deployment of organizational interventions and policy. If desired, our professionals can support you in making the translation to a thorough employment and organization advice that is appealing to the various stakeholders within your organization, including the management and the financial department.

The results of the Organizational Diagnosis Scan, in combination with the RI&E, form important input for our key experts, who can be deployed at your request. In this way, we facilitate your obligation under the Working Conditions Act to be able to deploy recognised experts, such as a senior safety expert, an occupational hygienist and an labour & organizational expert.

Non-binding advice

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