Employability scan


The way in which an individual employee deals with various types of external and internal stress (personal characteristics) also determines his employability and the risk of absenteeism. By using the Employability Scan, an overall picture is formed of the employee’s current situation.

Insight into employability and work capabilities of the employee

The Employability Scan consists of two complementary parts:   

  • Employability questionnaire. A scientifically substantiated questionnaire for insight into the psychosocial contexts of employability with predictive validity for absenteeism. Including attention to the lifestyle themes: exercise, smoking, alcohol, nutrition, relaxation.
  • Work Capability Questionnaire. Questionnaire for insight into sustainable employability based on the extent to which an employee has realistic possibilities to perform tasks that both add value for the organization and fulfil the employee’s own work values.

Getting started with your own direction on employability

The Employability Scan provides insight into the current individual causal factors of employability. The employee (and his/her supervisor) can use it to set to work with his/her own (dual) responsibility for directing employability. Where necessary supported with coaching on employability or education.

Via collectively aggregated data from the Employability Scan, your organization also gains insight into the causal factors in the organizational context that influence employees’ choice of sustainable employability or absenteeism. It thus forms valuable management information at the organizational and departmental level.

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