Integral health management


Systematically and purposefully including attention to the health and employability of employees in all business activities to support the primary process of an organization, that is the essence of Integral Health Management (IGM). Integral refers to the fact that IGM interfaces with all other policies to achieve a financially healthy organization with healthy people.   


In this interactive masterclass you will gain insight into the theoretical framework behind IGM. And you will learn how to translate this into your own business processes on the basis of practical examples of successful implementation. Elements such as strategic organization analysis, stakeholder analysis, effective communication and smart financing will be addressed. Prior to the master class, you will be asked to collect information from your own organization, so that you can use the input from this master class to further sharpen your organization’s business case and make an adequate(r) translation to operationalisation in practice.

This IGM masterclass is also a prelude to working in accordance with the NPR 6070 guideline ‘Managing sustainable employability of employees’ or an IHMQ (Integrated Health Management and Quality) certification.


At the end of this course, participants have:

  • Basic knowledge of the theoretical framework behind IGM and its added value for organizations.
  • Insight into common issues such as connection to existing processes in the organization, support, permanent agenda-setting and effective behavioural influencing communication campaigns.
  • Practical tips and advice.
  • Specific actions to be taken in your own organization.

For whom

Participants are board members, managers, executives, HR officers, health and safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Participants:   15 persons.
  • Date:          by arrangement.
  • Duration:   half-day. (not including time for the preparatory assignment)
  • Location:    by arrangement.

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