First track reintegration

First track reintegration

Organisations and people are constantly developing. Functions and ways of working change frequently and reorganisations take place. This can create a situation in which organisational and personal needs are no longer in line. Employees are not always aware of changes, do not feel free to adopt new ways of working or are asked to perform competencies they do not possess naturally. As a result, the employee is no longer ‘suited’ to the job, which can ultimately lead to absenteeism.

The goal of first track reintegration  is to reintegrate the employee in the own organisation. This can be in the current position or another available position. In most cases, the reason for absenteeism is clear and the employee will recover as expected. In other cases, coaching is necessary.

Coaching on a scientific basis

Reintegration coaching in the first track has the objective of readjusting the employee to his/her own position in the organisation. If that fails, we will look for another suitable position in the organisation. We use scientific instruments for this purpose and measure whether the competencies of the employee are in line with his/her own or adapted position. Then, together with the coach, we look at which steps are needed to achieve sustainable reintegration.

Reintegration in the first track not feasible?

Sometimes it turns out that an employee cannot return to his own job. The function is no longer suitable and the employee is not eligible for another internal function. The focus of the reintegration is then aimed at work outside the own organisation, or: second track reintegration.


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