Career module

Sustainable employability, lifelong learning and excelling in a function. These are the current themes for the working population in the Netherlands. A career coach will help you give substance to these themes by looking for the ideal job or development opportunities.

Scientifically based tests

We use a scientific behavioural analysis that provides insight into the conditions that a job must fulfil. This is done at the level of competences, personal motives, desired organisational culture and communication style. Naturally, a career choice test should not be missing.

Translation into specific results

Together with the career coach, the various research insights are translated into suitable jobs. These career opportunities are then tested in practice. This way, we ensure realistic expectations and specific results.

Our working method

A career module includes a:

  • Comprehensive intake interview with a professional career coach.
  • Scientific behavioural analysis that provides insight into qualities, motivation, behaviour and communication styles.
  • A career choice test.
  • Seven follow-up interviews.
  • A career plan with specific tools to shape your own career.

The career module is effective both preventively and when returning to work.


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