Organizational culture & policy

Organizational culture & policy

The choice for sustainable employability or absenteeism of an employee is determined by a combination of individual factors and organizational factors. Both can be influenced. For steering employability via organizational factors we offer:

Managing employability from causes and risks

The realisation of sustainable employability as an outcome requires all key figures (individual employees, managers, HR/P&O, health and safety professionals) to have knowledge, attitude and behaviour focused on employability. As an organization, you obviously want to do this in a targeted and efficient manner by starting from causes and risks at organization level and individual level. The Active Health Total Concept (AHTC) offers a practical solution to this.

With the Organization Diagnosis Scan and/or Employability Scan, based on the results of these scans, it can be determined which module (or modules) at the organizational or individual level will yield the greatest employability gains within your organisation.

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