Organisational culture & policy

(Integral) corporate health management: effectively steering towards sustainable employability

Steering towards sustainable employability and (integral) corporate health management is about the combination of healthy behaviour of the individual within a healthy organisational culture with employability-enhancing leadership. An integrated, multidisciplinary approach that suits the phase in which your organisation and your employees find themselves in, is most effective in terms of results and financial resources. By a good analysis beforehand, the strategy and resources are deployed that match people and organisation and cost-saving choices are made.

Organisational policy, culture and leadership

The choice for sustainable or less sustainable employability is determined by a combination of individual and organisational cultural factors; both can be influenced. For many years we have facilitated organisations that want to achieve a healthy organisational context with:

Active Healthy Total Concept

For organisations that want to profitably implement health in all business processes, we offer the so-called Active Healthy Total Concept (AHTC). This includes a range of separate or integral modules that can be used to preventively work towards sustainable employability on an individual and organisational level, with a focus on results. Examples of modules are:

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